Essential Resources for Families Affected by Neuroblastoma

Living with a Neuroblastoma diagnosis or supporting someone who has been diagnosed can be very difficult. There are several support and resources available for those affected by Neuroblastoma.

Support for Child

Children with Neuroblastoma can benefit from organisations such as Little Princess Trust, which provides wigs for children who have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment

Support for Parents

Kids Cancer Charity offers support for parents and families, including financial assistance and practical advice.

Mental Health Support

Additionally, families and children can receive mental health support and counselling through various programs like Young Minds.

Financial Supports and Grants

Organisations such as the Family Holiday Association also offer confidence-building holidays for families impacted by Neuroblastoma.

Support with health and wellbeing for families and children

From providing wigs for children who have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment, to confidence-building holidays.

Little Princess Trust

Kids Cancer Charity

Family Holiday Association

Wish-granting Organisations

Wish-granting organisations like Make A Wish can help provide memorable experiences and fulfil the wishes of children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.

Important information

If you have any issues contacting any of these charities , please email [email protected]

Consult Your GP for Expert Advice

When in doubt, it's recommended to seek advice from your GP if you have persistent symptoms. This way, they can investigate and determine the cause of the symptoms. Early detection of cancer often leads to better treatment outcomes, so it's important to act promptly.

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